Jun 14, 2012

How is basil?

Basil and disinfection
Basil Regan, or able to protect the body from fungal and viral diseases and harmful bacteria, having disinfectant properties. It contains essential oils, many of the vitamins - B1, B2, PP and askorbinka.Basil and bad breath
If you want to freshen your breath, chew a sprig of basil! It kills almost all bacteria that cause bad breath. Helps to remove plaque.Basil and kidneys
Basil has a favorable effect on the kidneys, reducing levels of uric acid, which is to blame for the formation of kidney stones. The individual components of essential oils contained in the basilica, dissolve the stones.Basil for colds
Basil (Regan) is able to bring down the fever of the flu. It also has expectorant properties, which makes it very useful for coughs and colds.Basil and eye disease
These vitamins like A and C, contained in this herb and essential oil, reduces the development of glaucoma and cataracts.Other useful properties
Analgesics are present in the basilica, heal the pain in my head.
Basil can replace medical diuretic and anthelmintics. He is a good stimulator of immunity. Among its properties as well - anticarcinogenic. It is astringent, is able to heal sores in the mouth to facilitate breathing during asthma attacks, lower blood cholesterol levels.
People suffering from skin itching and conjunctivitis, decoction of basil will help the next.
2 tablespoons dried basil leaves (Regan) brew in half a liter of boiling water. Let sit and cool down. After that, strain and drink half a glass three times daily before meals.Basil. Contraindications
Despite all the beneficial properties of basil, in some cases, it is still not recommended to use.
For example, it is contraindicated in: pregnant women, people with epilepsy, those who have suffered a heart attack and stroke. High blood pressure, diabetics, and people with diseases such as coronary heart disease and thrombophlebitis, should not have basil in large quantities.
The fact that in the present Basilica of mercury compounds. On the one hand, they possess antibacterial properties. And on the other - in large quantities can be harmful to health.
As for the grass not the basil, and medical products based on it - it is not recommended to use them more than three weeks without a break.
The properties of the basilica once again confirm the well-known saying: "Everything - the poison, and everything - medicine." That is, it has both beneficial and harmful properties. Therefore, the use of basil as a remedy, can bring both benefits and harm, if used in large quantities.

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